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decoration wedding line modern vintage
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Stove Top Covers

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The Forge Creations

Our Story

The Forge Creations is a company founded in 2023 by Lesa Hugh-Sam, who has a passion for the art of engraving. The company specializes in crafting laser-engraved, etched, and cut products that are mesmerizing works of art, all made with precision and touch. Each masterpiece leaves an indelible impression on the hearts of all who behold them.

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Mother's Day charcuterie top border against a white marble background
Christmas charcuterie top border against a white marble banner background
Hand Drawn Decorative Line

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Hand Drawn Decorative Line

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Valentines Day charcuterie side border on a slate background
Healthy food. Assortment of the Buddha Bowl on a black background. Top view. Free space for your text.

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Set of Different Delicious Appetizers Served on Light Grey Table, Top View. Space for Text

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Delicious hispanic mexican meal board

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Mother's Day charcuterie double border against a dark slate banner background

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Summer fruit theme charcuterie corner border against a dark slate background
Product Backdrop, Empty Wooden Table with Concrete Wall
Kitchen background with kitchen utensils on wooden shelf

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story behind the image of our logo

The Tree of Life is a representation of my children's and my outlook on life. Our foundation is rooted in God, love, creativity, art, joy, and adventure. We are able to use these guiding principles to confidently explore our individual strengths and unique qualities.

  • The vision of the tree is symbolic of life and its many branches, which represent the various paths we each take in our own separate lives.
  • Its roots are symbolic of our connection to each other, our heritage and our past.
  • The glowing heart in the middle of the tree is a reminder of the love and compassion that binds us together.
  • The crucifix in the middle of the heart is a reminder of the sacrifices made for us and the power of faith.

Together, all these elements of the logo represents the strength and beauty of our lives and the importance of respecting and honoring those around us.

We're proud of the history and the message it conveys. We hope you enjoyed learning about it. Thanks for your interest!